The Toshiba B-SA4T barcode label printer machine presents a machine with efficient functionality and power of an industrial printer with a solid footprint and ease of use of the machine.

For optimum network capability, this machine comes with a variety of existing communication interfaces, making it easier for you to manage all printer networks from the main source.

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Efficient high speed printing leads to increased productivity making this device a valuable asset for your work environment.


Due to fast and easy handling, time-savings are quickly achieved whilst minimal training is required.


Considerable savings are achieved through a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) due to reduced servicing and maintenance cost with user toolless replacement of the print head and platen.


Designed to suit a wide variety of environments or applications.QUALITY PRINTCrisp and clear results with perfect readability of labels and barcodes are acheived due to flexible high quality print technology.

Cutter, peel-off module, serial IF board, WLAN board, real time clock
Weight 15.01 kg
Standard Connectivity USB, Parallel, Ethernet
Maximum Speed 6 ips 150 mm/sec
Dimensions (W x D x H) 238.8 x 332.7 x 401.3 mm
Max. Print Length 997 mm
Ribbon Length 450 m
Direct and Thermal Models B-SA4TM-GS (203 dpi, 4"/104 mm print width; metal cover). B-SA4TM-TS (300 dpi; 4"/105.7 mm print width; metal cover)

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