RFID Solution

  • Threshold Antenna

    Threshold Antenna

    Antennas that provide a consistent reading zone from top to bottom. Suitable for application at traffic entrances or traffic control with Remote reading range in an area of ​​4x3 m.

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  • Mini Guardrail

    Mini Guardrail

    Antennas which specifically designed to detect the movement of goods that move quickly, have a very short reading distance of up to 7cm.

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  • Matchbox Antenna

    Matchbox Antenna

    Small-sized antennas are ideal for applications that require close range RFID capability and clear reading zones. Has a very short reading distance (3,5cm).

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  • Guardwall Antenna

    Guardwall Antenna

    Guardwall Antenna has a strong and intense reading ability, can penetrate packages that are running on a conveyor belt or packing line with dimensions of 70 x 40 x 10 cm and Long Distance readings up

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  • Brickyard Antenna

    Brickyard Antenna

    Ideal for goods in various tag packaging, suitable for use at sales points. With dimension of 29.5 cm D x 6 cm, and Short Range reading of 30 - 45cm.

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  • Speedway xPortal

    Speedway xPortal

    Speedway xPortal combines Speedway Revolution antenna technology and Impinj's Dual-Linear Phassed Array (DLPA), producing the most flexible and effective industrial RFID portal solution.

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  • Speedway R420

    Speedway R420

    Reader with a compact design supported by Power over Ethernet (PoE) and Sierra Wireless modem connectivity, the Speedway Revolution reader is able to increase application flexibility and signal distri

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