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Industrial Revolution 4.0, What is the Effect to the People?

Entering the era of Industry 4.0 where the development of industrial technology that has penetrated into the digital world, even the exchange of information to trade can now be done digitally via an internet connection, demanding companies to "digitize" in carrying out marketing strategies.

Simply put, "digitization" is the main buzzword of the 4.0 industrial revolution, ranging from digitizing products and services, digitizing networks, and digitizing business models to accessing customers. all business sectors are affected. The consumption patterns of the people are starting to move from those which were conventionally shopped, now are starting to go online.

We have entered an era where everything is connected to the internet which has become part of our daily needs. The rapid development of the digital era at this time, greatly helps the world community to provide service convenience and unlimited coverage. As the rapid development of technology, making internet users in the world also soared.

The phenomenon of the industrial revolution 4.0 has a lot of influence on society. In addition to making it easier for the public to transact online, this revolutionary phenomenon also has an impact on the company's production process because in this era the entire production process has used sophisticated technology machines to increase effectiveness and productivity. The products produced are more diverse with affordable prices. So that it is able to meet market needs.

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