The PowerScan PM9500 area imager is a wireless scanner that is suitable for all applications. This scanner is equipped with the latest generation of Datalogic's STAR Cordless System, a radio patent that enhances exceptional features of versatility, ease of use and radio coverage.


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The PM9500 series offers two display options: configurable 4-key keyboard and 16-key keyboard. This enhances interaction between the owner and the user which allows two-way exchange of information for more reliable and effective communication. The BC9180 base / charger is also available in one model of two different Ethernet connections: Ethernet Standard and Industrial Ethernet protocols such as Ethernet IP and Modbus.

Data Capture 1D & 2D
Read Range 0 - 100 cm
Reading technology Area Imager
Drop Test IP52 1.8 m
Accessories Mounts/Stands

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