MX-E Series

The MX-E Series of GigE vision processors delivers extraordinary computing power and unmatched application flexibility guaranteeing long-term product availability.

The highest-quality hardware components delivered in a rugged chassis ensure robustness and long-life service. Multi-camera capability allows data collection and analysis from multiple points and reduces integration costs.

Four different models are available according to the application requirements, featuring up to eight independent GigE Vision camera ports for high-speed image acquisition: the entry-level, cost effective MX-E20 supporting two cameras, the mid-range MX-E40 and the high-end, quad core MX-E80 both supporting two or four cameras.

The MX-E series delivers extreme configuration flexibility offering multiple hardware configuration options and full compatibility with a wide range of Gig-E cameras, from VGA to very high resolution (area scan) and from 2K up to 8K (linescan).

Universal dongles allow for IMPACT software license and add-on license functionalities on all the MX-E and MX-U models, allowing users to move and swap licenses from one vision processor to another.

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