18 Mar 2020

Letter Press Printing Machine

Letterpress technology is one of the conventional printing techniques which are categorized as high printing techniques. As we all know that so far we know 3 categories of printing techniques namely high, flat, and deep print techniques.

The classification of this category is based on the image carrier or printing plate or the plate that became the ink carrier before being transferred to the media that want to be print. In short this high print technique is like a stamp, the is a high area to take, carry, and transfer the ink with a certain image to the print media while the low area is not exposed to ink at all.

In contrast to deep print techniques, low area on the ink carrier that pick up, carries, and transfer the ink with a certain image to the print media. In contrast to both, flat printing techniques, utilize chemical processes to split between image and non-image.   

Currently we have dozens of Letterpress machines that ready to produce labeling needs of our customers, ranging from blank labels to 1-3 color labels. This Letterpress machines certainly has its own characteristics compared to Intermittent machines and Flexo machines.

The main characteristics of the labels produced by this Letterpress machines are the labels are relatively economical in price but still rely on the quality standards set by each of our customers. By these unique characteristics automatically form our market segmentation which is more directed to serving the retail industry, the transportation and logistics industries, and also some of manufacturing industries.